Paul Norman

Yara UK Ltd

UK & Ireland Manager

21-30 September 2018
Zambia, Southern Africa

About Paul Norman

Paul Norman is the Country Manager responsible for the AdBlue Business at Yara UK Ltd. Paul has been involved from the outset when this business emerged some 13 years ago, having previously been connected with the logistics sector in sales and marketing roles . He lives with his wife on the outskirts of Southampton.

Transaid has been a charity that Yara has had some involvement given the obvious synergy with the AdBlue offering for the transport sector. Paul had therefore been aware for some time of the African Cycle expeditions as organised by Transaid, and it was his ambition to take part at some stage. Given it was Cycle Uganda that initially attracted attention it therefore took 5 years to ultimately commit to the 2018 Cycle Zambia! Having not cycled for 15 or so years, it was though a big decision and followed a telephone call and e mails with Harry at Transaid.

The motivations for taking part are a mixture of charitable, even business related and personal.

Paul believes strongly that transport is a key part of any developing economy as well as established western ones. Other charities and commerce can’t generally operate without effective and safe transport links, so Transaid is an organisation working to develop a most fundamental requirement for the greater good. Working within the transport sector therefore makes Transaid the obvious charity to work with, so that lives can be saved and enhanced, plus economies can prosper.

Africa itself is a continent that Paul has never visited. This trip will facilitate experiencing a part of the world that he would be unlikely to otherwise visit in such a seemingly “close up” way. To gain an exposure to the workings of the transport sector in Zambia is something that he is also very interested to see with the intention to share these experiences when back in the UK.

Personally, Paul also felt he was getting out of shape despite maintaining sometime in the gym and swimming. He needed a goal on which to focus and create a step change in his fitness and this event certainly does that.

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