Jen Lylak

Team: Microlise

Senior Business Analyst

21-30 September 2018
Zambia, Southern Africa

About Jen Lylak

Jen is Microlise’s Transaid Ambassador, working to┬áraise the profile of Transaid within Microlise and the wider logistics industry.

Within Microlise, Jen is a Senior Business Analyst, working closely with customers to fully understand their requirements and scoping solutions. Within this role, Jen also works to progress Microlise’s products in line with the company’s roadmap.

Jen is not an African-cycling-challenge-first-timer, having been a part of the Cycle South Africa team in March, 2017. She is however very much looking forward to training during the summer months this time, as she prepares to take on Cycle Zambia. Coming home with frozen water bottles after training rides was not enjoyable!

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