David Berry

Marks & Spencer

Logistic Engineering Project Manager

21-30 September 2018
Zambia, Southern Africa

About David Berry

David is Logistics Engineering Project Manager for Marks and Spencer. David’s signed up the challenge to support Transaid “after watching the Transaid video of the young lady that lost a child – this touched home with me as no one should have to lose a child because of where they live or what they have and have not got.

My wife is a community midwife which makes the cycle more real for me as I hear the challenges first hand, and this is with a fantastic NHS system where first class post-natal and pre-natal care is taken for granted and given without a thought.

I am blessed with two lovely children and the thought of having to travel 26km on a trailer behind a bike – not knowing that either mother or child would make the journey, or even more travelling all that time to be faced with the horrifying thought that neither of my children made it (only to be told if we had got to you early things would be different) – does not bare thinking about.

There is an element of me that is also looking forward to the adventure of riding through Africa, a big tick on the bucket list! The ride I understand is likely to be hard but fun the hardest part of the ride will be the return home having seen and experienced what we have and still knowing that mothers and children will be lost and there is still a lot to do.”

David would like to thank his sponsors for their generous support:


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