Alfred Chipembele

DAR Lighting

Samples Administrator

21-30 September 2018
Zambia, Southern Africa

About Alfred Chipembele

Alfred Chipembele is beginning his training to take part in Cycle Zambia 2018 later this year, cycling 490 kilometres  with the goal of contributing £3,650 to Transaid’s vital work in Africa to improve road safety.

Alfred comments “I have joined a mission to create road safety awareness in an effort to reduce road traffic accidents in Zambia and Africa in general. In March 2008 my own elder brother Millios Tembo – a professional driver himself just two years away from his retirement – lost his life together with his friend at a zebra crossing after being hit by a minibus driver in Lusaka. I believe many of such horrific accidents can be prevented if driver training and government road safety policy makers put more emphasis on the importance of road safety and driving standards.”

You can support Alfred’s fundraising and training campaign on Twitter using #teamalfred.

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