Alastair Protheroe

Seeing Machines

Director, Business Development (Europe & Africa)

21-30 September 2018
Zambia, Southern Africa

About Alastair Protheroe

Alastair, Director of Business Development (Europe & Africa) at Seeing Machines, is passionate about good, well thought-out customer focused products that really make a difference to peoples lives. “I have been really lucky in my work life to be involved in a number of new technologies as they first appeared, including one of the First Geographical Information Systems in Europe, the first digitally produced atlas, navigation systems from Cars to Mobile phones, and now work at Seeing Machines, a company that has developed a unique and invaluable solution to help drivers across all transport modes avoid accidents and erratic behaviour caused by fatigue and distraction. This monitors and analyses head and eye movement to pick out signs of distraction and fatigue before it impacts driver performance, preventing accidents from ever happening.”

Alastair loves Africa and has been there many times, but never on a bike; “I think Transaid is a super charity that is really making a difference to road safety in Africa.”

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