It’s two months to go before Transaid’s Cycle Zambia challenge!

21-30 September 2018
Zambia, Southern Africa
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It’s two months to go before Transaid’s Cycle Zambia challenge, the briefing meeting has come and gone, and the weather is hotting up to Lusaka temperatures – rather than panic, I’ve decided to start my Cycle Zambia blog.

As well as detailing some of the ups and downs of getting ready for the trip and daily updates on my struggles in cycling from Lusaka to Victoria Falls (500km of heat, sand and off-road challenges) as Chair of Transaid’s Board of Trustees I thought it would be interesting to share some thoughts on our work and how the funds raised from this type of event save lives.

First, a huge thank you to my corporate sponsors for the challenge: logistics property experts sbh are my gold sponsors and will take the front space on my jersey. My silver sponsors are the logistics and supply chain consultancy, Model Logic. I have worked with both companies on a number of projects in my work as a logistics consultant, and I am delighted and proud to be supported by them.

I am paying all the costs of the trip myself so the funds I raise go straight to Transaid’s work. If you are reading this and would like to sponsor me please do so at

At last week’s Transaid board meeting we welcomed our new trustee, Phidelia Mwaba. Phidelia is the past president of CILT Zambia and works in the area of transport risk. She has experience of both Transaid’s HGV and PSV driver training work and our rural access work in Zambia, where we have worked with rural communities to set up an emergency transport scheme in the form of bicycle ambulances. Phidelia’s local insights and networks will be invaluable to our board. She also has experience of Zambia’s roads, dirt tracks and heat, and wishes us well on the cycle challenge!

When you understand the type of journey the bicycle ambulance volunteer riders in Zambia undertake with pregnant women or mothers with children onboard, it puts our cycle challenge into perspective. However, there is a real risk that even without a passenger I will not be up to the heat and conditions, so training is a must. This weekend, Florence Bearman, Transaid’s Head of Fundraising, and I tackled the hills and tracks of Windsor and Eton in the fairly warm and muggy conditions. After 45 miles of trying to keep up with my husband we were suitably exhausted – luckily, he won’t be on the trip!